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Welcome to DeliNuts! On this e-shop, everyone can have access to the beneficial properties of the nutritional fact of the nuts and the products that Greece produces, such as the famous Greek Olive Oil and Greek Honey

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Our aim is to deliver you the healthy benefits that Dried Fruits, Roasted and Raw Nuts can offer, as well as the world known and multiple times awarded Greek Olive Oil and Greek Honey.

Dried Fruits belong to the functional foods of nature, which means that they have proven health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Nuts, either Raw or Roasted, are extremely healthy and a perfect snack, even when you are away from home. They are rich in healthy fats, fibre and protein and are a great source of many important nutrients and antioxidants. This is the reason why many people prefer eating them Mixed, so they can get all the healthy benefits from many different nuts. 

Honey has been used for more than 8000 years for its healing properties, as a sweetener as well as a cosmetic. Its benefits are endless and are documented through dozens of scientific studies.

Olive oil is the fatty substance that we get from the fruit of the olive tree that is traditionally grown in the Mediterranean region and in every corner of Greece. Since ancient times, its value has been recognized by Hippocrates, Diocletian and Dioscorides for its healing properties.