Dried Papaya

Dried Papaya


Dried papaya is a fruit that has many powerful antioxidants, which have proven to fight many diseases especially these that tend to come with age. It is a full of nutrients fruit, with the most important of them being Vitamin C. For one small ripe papaya someone can get 157% of Vitamin C of the RDI. Also recent studies show that papaya can reduce oxidative stress in older adults, mild hypothyroidism and liver disease. Another study showed that it reduced by 40% a biomarker which indicates oxidative damage to DNA. It has anticancer properties and helps in improving the heart health by improving the ratio of the “bad” LDL to the “good” HDL. Like all the antioxidant-rich fruits, dried papaya helps in reducing the inflammatory markers. Another study proved that papaya helped a lot people with constipation. At last but not least, dried papaya fights against skin damage and ageing.



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